Euphoric utopia

Why can’t humans be better individuals?

Why can’t humans think of doing right against the wrong?

With a social mind one thought through his mind

Then, may I know how they are so strong?

As they continue to remain in the wrong?

Injustice, injustice all around

yet all choose a spiteful song,

though, they hear deceit in its sound.

Is this what we call humanity?

Forgive me or not I call this malarkey

For yes this is indeed, what I call useless talk!

Injustice, injustice all around, now, everyone understands the featherbrained sound-

Sadness and pain, isn’t this all we get?


Governments, please speak for our sake,

For these men have proven themselves fake,

Injustice, injustice all around, yes now I know why the featherbrained no more can stand

While I seek to find my tranquillity,

In solitude, yes, in darkness

May I understand that brightness,

I am who I am, yes but without you

I really don’t think I know who I am!

Yes, this inner beast within me,

This sweet sound yet boisterous note,

My conscience,

I call this my vicissitudes chord!

It helps a great deal

To make sure my motives are in the right

Well, Humanity hasn’t lost it all

Justice, justice do not forget our call

We are the human community don’t forget us all,

Remember to check on us - before it’s too long!

For we are traumatised with

Injustice, injustice all around!

This is what I think-

Of a euphoric utilitarianism,

One that attains solemn justice,

In peace and harmony, let us appreciate tranquillity.

- Suzanne K Mathews, Grade 11, Delhi Private School.