Abu Dhabi: The new academic year will see some 1,200 Emirati and expatriate teachers being appointed and seven new schools opening before the end of the year, announced Dr Hanif Hassan, the Minister of Education, on Sunday.

He was speaking during a round table meeting held on Sunday to reveal his ministry's strategy for the academic year.

He also announced responsibilities and initiatives in schools and education zones that are expected to raise the quality and standard of education across the UAE.

An initiative to raise the efficiency and qualifications of teachers will be announced in the next few days.

The Ministry's main goal is to adopt new development projects, create an attractive school environment, and introduce new educational techniques, international assessments and examination standards.

Traditional values

"We are proud to establish a national committee that revised the academic content in our curriculums and enhance our traditional values and cultures especially in Islamic studies, national education and Arabic language," said Hassan.

"We are currently developing the curriculums of mathematics, sciences and technology in addition to lifestyle skills, arts and music that will be taught to grade one soon," added Hassan.

The system is expected to eliminate rote memorisation and reduce students' fear of taking exams.