Loujain’s family has said doctors attending on her are concerned about her sedation level as it is proving insufficient to keep her still and have instructed that she be physically restrained. Image Credit: Courtesy: Loujain’s family

Abu Dhabi The family of Loujain Hussain, the 11-year-old pupil of Al Ma'ali International Private School, has acknowledged members of the public who have kept messages of encouragement and support flowing through an extremely trying time.

One family member has also insisted that the authorities take action to discipline and reform the boys who attacked the girl.

Loujain was attacked on the playground of her school by Grade 4 pupils after a minor incident took a violent turn on April 19. As a result, the Grade 7 pupil suffered serious injuries, including a brain haemorrhage.

"I try to read as many comments as I can; sometimes it is difficult but it helps to know that there are so many people who want to support us and are wishing Loujain a full recovery," Mahran, Loujain's older brother, told Gulf News.

"The doctors are concerned about her sedation levels because it seems she is developing a tolerance for the current dose she is being given. Loujain has begun to move her arms and because they are worried that she may injure herself or move the equipment she is connected to, doctors have instructed she be restrained," the 22-year-old said.

Medical condition

"It is very difficult for us to see that her condition is not really changing; it is especially hard for my mother because Loujain calls out for her but when our mother responds, Loujain does not show that she has heard her. Also, if we try to initiate anything, Loujain is unresponsive," he added.

"The doctors are also concerned because she is still not opening her eyes and they are unsure how this will affect her recovery. So far, they told us all they can do is monitor her condition and wait for the excess blood in her brain to drain."

Loujain is undergoing treatment at the Shaikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi, where officials have declined to comment due to confidentiality.

Accountability: Call to pull up teachers

A relative of Loujain's, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted Gulf News via e-mail, extending her wishes for her speedy recovery.

"I hope to see Loujain soon, awake and smiling. Nonetheless, Loujain's family and relatives will not leave any stone unturned to make sure justice is done. While it can be argued that children of a certain age should not go to jail, we view it as [necessary] if and only if they [attend a] thorough rehabilitation programme... the heavier punishment, however, should go to the teacher[s] who stood as ‘blind' [sic] witness to the incident. This is a sharp contrast to the idea of the teacher being the good shepherd."

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