Sharjah: Kalimat Foundation for Children’s Empowerment (KF) has supplied 10 Armenian public libraries with 1,000 books in an effort to empower Arab refugee children through reading, it was announced.

The Sharjah-based foundation supplied the libraries with a variety of genres which aim to offer easy reads to Arab refugee children and young adults.

This recent effort forms part of KF’s ‘Pledge a Library’ initiative, which was launched to support refugee Arab children and young adults by offering them high-quality reading materials in Arabic language.

The initiative also aims to help these young readers better understand and appreciate their first language, heritage and cultural legacy living outside their countries of origin.

“Bringing 1,000 Arabic books to libraries in Armenia build on our efforts to reach out to the maximum number of Arab refugee children worldwide,” said Amnah Al Mazimi, Manager of KF.

“Through these initiatives, we reinforce our commitment to help children caught up in crisis overcome their hardships by losing themselves in the stories contained within these books. It is our firm belief that books play a critical role in shaping opinions and personalities.”

The key objective of the initiative, Al Mazimi said, is to help these children open a new window into the world, one that will allow them to explore new cultures and human experiences, gain new knowledge and expertise, and become agents of positive change in their countries.

Since its inception in 2016, Kalimat Foundation has contributed to launching and implementing a series of initiatives aimed at providing books to public libraries and children in refugee camps. This aligns with its vision that seeks to give children in disadvantaged areas access to sources of knowledge, and with its dedication to building future knowledge-based Arab generations who are open-minded and well educated on global cultures.