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Learning is not just restricted to a classroom, it’s through our daily encounters that sum up to make us lifelong learners. So what are the kind of lessons that are outsdei of the classroom?

1) Learning from my grandparents: I would like to step back and look at my grandparents. In their time, there were no smart phones. Yet, they made an effort to learn to use smart phones, laptops etc.

2) My friends: Friends play a big role in a person’s life. I would surround myself with friends with the same mindset as myself.

3) My parents: They are my foundation. I love them and value their advice and support both financially and emotionally, they encourage, understand and support my choice of career path.

4) Studies: Sometimes, we take studies too seriously and miss the essence of why we study. Through great guidance at my school, I have come to understand studies are not all about good grades, grades are just a fraction of the bigger purpose of life. Good morals and etiquette, character, life skills, being practical and having good time management skills are essential to make a student whole.

I would change my perspective on how I look at my studies, it shouldn’t feel like a punishment rather than an opportunity to expand my horizon, to mould me to be an innovator.

5) Every day: I live by learning something new every day, so I would say don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits. You never know where they might lead you.

Finally, I believe it’s never too late to be a student, not wearing a school uniform doesn’t mean you stop learning,

I appreciate the visionary leadership of my school who keeps up-to-date and always encourages us to do so as well. In the future, I would love to mentor young children about studies and life. Life is short, make the best of it, and don’t lose your student mojo despite the reality of age.