Dr Hussein
Dr Hussein M Elmehdi, Dean, Academic Support Services Image Credit: Supplied

The University of Sharjah (UOS) is the only university in the UAE that offers a wide range of academic programmes that cover almost all fields from business and humanities, to fine arts and design, law and Islamic studies, engineering and applied sciences, communication, and medical and health sciences. In addition, the university offers a spectrum of postgraduate programmes in almost all fields and disciplines.

“These programmes are fully accredited nationally and internationally. To ensure its competitive edge, the University of Sharjah offers newly admitted students a number of scholarships and academic distinction incentives,” says Dr Hussein M Elmehdi, Dean, Academic Support Services.

These include up to 50 per cent tuition discount in the first semester for students who attained 90 per cent or higher in their grade 12 report. In addition, the university facilitates scholarships from local funding agencies such as the Dewan Al Amiri, SEWA and DEWA.

“The University of Sharjah is considered the ‘choice’ for new recruits mainly because of what we offer not only in academic programmes, but in the complementing and support services to our students,” says Dr Elmehdi. “UOS campus is known for its natural and Islamic architecture that offers many facilities that cater to the well-being of our students. Our sports and recreational facilities are amazing and available to all of our students. Student clubs, scientific societies and counseling offices are open to students to participate in events and improve their skills.”

UOS is committed to providing students with the utmost experience during their journey from the day they are admitted, and it extends beyond graduation through the Alumni Office that follows students after they join the real world.

“Through excellent career advising and internship training programmes, UOS is committed to ensuring its graduates are ready for the ever-evolving job market.”

During the pandemic, UOS was able to ensure the continuity of the education process, including virtual training.

“Our effort and dedication to excellence enabled our students to excel in many areas, winning first-place prizes in many local, national, and international conferences and events.”