Enrollment incentives

Ahmad Bachir, 18, Syrian, Amity University

Under the new visa rules, students who graduate will be provided with extra two years on their visas to get their careers started. It also makes the UAE a much more attractive work destination than before, giving international students another incentive to enroll in universities in the UAE.

Talent retention

Liana Abou Zaki, 20, Lebanese, American University in Dubai

The new visa system that will grant graduate students a two-year residency visa once they finish their studies will help find long-term employment opportunities in the UAE, providing them with ample breathing space to explore different fields and interests. This will also help companies recruit better-equipped talent with adequate internship experience, supporting the country in talent retention.

Eases internship hurdles

Glen Lester, 21, South African, University of Wollongong in Dubai

This will give me the stability I need to complete my degree while allowing me enough time to find a suitable job after I graduate. Internships and future job opportunities will become more accessible to students as companies will no longer have to worry about their visas. The new regulations make me feel like an asset to the country rather than just another number.

Secured future

Tania Dubayssi, 18, Lebanese, Heriot-Watt Dubai

I want a career in interior design and Dubai is the right place for this. Besides, the new rule will make it easier for international students to build their careers in the UAE. I still have a few years before I graduate, but now I feel less uncertain about my future as the new visa law offers us a great sense of security.