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If I was ever to campaign for a cause, it would be for environmental issues.

I would call all the children from my neighborhood and organise a ‘Keep our surroundings and environment clean’ campaign.

Sure, our lives have been made easier by modern inventions, instrumentation engineering, information technology, latest transportations, artificial intelligence, assistive technology; such wonderful terms. However, how about paying some attention to Mother Nature in between all this development? Forests the size of football fields are being cut down every second, effluents from factories have made our water and air impure, and many animals have lost their homes because of industrialisation.

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’, goes the saying. In other words, small things can bring about great changes.

Let’s look at the small changes we can make:

1. Use cloth bags instead of plastic

2. Reduce wastage of paper

3. Use a cloth napkin instead of tissues

4. Use public transport and walk short distances,

5. Grow plants in your garden,

6. DO NOT litter on the beaches.

Now, how impossible are these simple tasks?

Now to the big question: How can we make the environment fun for childen? I would make a power point presentation and organise games and quizzes at the end of workshops to get children going.

Spreading awareness about the consequences of our activities on the earth is a must. And we can all do our bit in helping it along.

At the end of the day, it is up to each one of us to make the difference and make the planet a more cheerful place for the future generations.

Nandana Manoj, Grade 8, The Indian High School, Dubai Image Credit: Supplied