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Dubai: Team ‘Carv’ from Gems Wellington International School beat 1,200 students from across 60 UAE schools last Saturday to win the DEWA Business Cup Challenge hosted by Curtin University. They also won DEWA’s Best Solution Award, for developing the the best artificial intelligence solution for DEWA.

“We at GEMS Wellington International School are extremely proud of Team Carv for winning the DEWA Business Cup Challenge,” said Shamaila Shah, the mentoring teacher and Curriculum Leader for Business and Economics at GEMS Wellington International School, Dubai.

Team Augustine’s Angels from Sunmarke School, Dubai came second followed by Singularity and Zenith, both from Al Diyafah School, who finished tied for third.

Prizes for the winning teams included trophies, National Bonds, internships with DEWA and Hunter Foods, and scholarships from Curtin University Dubai, as part of their CSR initiative providing a platform for future business leaders.

Gulf News also sponsored an award for the Most Creative Team on the Gulf News case study. Chiranjib Sengupta, Assistant Editor at Gulf News, presented the award to Team Augustine’s Angels from Sunmarke School.

The judging panel comprised of Daniel Adkins, CEO of Curtin University Dubai’s Education Management Services provider, Dr. Khyati Shetty, Head of Curtin University Dubai’s Business and Humanities School, and Salih Esmail, Program Coordinator and Lecturer for the School of Information Technology at Curtin University Dubai.

Along with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), the competition was also supported by Hunter Foods, Gulf News, BPG Max and Transnational Academic Group.

The DEWA Business Cup Challenge hosted by Curtin University Dubai is an inter-school competition that introduces high school students to the business world at a young age by challenging them to review real-world business cases to come up with innovative solutions.