Dubai Health Authority e-learning from home
GEMS UAE schools old 4.3 million online sessions since March Image Credit: iStock

Dubai: GEMS Education schools in the UAE have held more than 4.3 million distance learning sessions since last month, it said in a media release.

A recent GEMS survey said its schools’ online lessons saw an attendance rate of almost 100 per cent, with 92 per cent student satisfaction.

In response to the ongoing period of school closures and the COVID-19 lockdown, GEMS recently launched ‘Enrol from Home’ to help parents secure admission for their children from home. Parents can enrol their children in schools by completing an online application form to receive a placement within 48 hours and start using the e-learning platforms and virtual classrooms. They can also opt for flexible payment options.

In addition, GEMS said it has gained the support of the KHDA to extend the e-learning programme for those interested in using GEMS’ remote learning provision beyond the current crisis.

GEMS said it has invested $500 million (Dh1.8 billion) in recent years in technology platforms and solutions to enhance students’ learning experience.