Afreen Haris

Grade 9, New Indian Model School, Dubai

Regulating emotions

It’s not the complexities of emotions that make human beings superior to animals. It’s about how you can regulate your emotions at the snap of a finger. That’s how obedient the ‘arrogant’ mind is. The more you do it, the more you develop the ability to control your emotions.


Today’s world is changing. However, it’s not just the world we need to keep an eye on; we must be also flexible in our personal lives. Life is a fluid, sometimes it flows gently like a stream, sometimes it comes into force like a river, and sometimes it is like a tidal wave. Learn to keep your head above all of it.


Understanding leadership is one of those beneficial life-long learning skills that can change people’s lives. True leaders see the best in people and teach them to harness their potential in all they do.


Life-long learning is driven by curiosity. So developing curiosity is a great investment of your time.


As we learn, we acquire new skills and knowledge for various uses. However, none of that knowledge is of any good if it hasn’t helped us or others. Beneficial life-long learning skills must include reflecting on learning because it’s what gives learning real meaning.