I have a bachelor's degree in botany and a diploma in software technology. I have been working in various IT companies for the past six years. Now I would like to pursue a Master of Computer Applications (MCA). Do universities offer an MCA either through distance learning or regular attendance for students like me who do not have a mathematical background or a bachelor's degree in the same field?
Riyaz, Abu Dhabi 

The MCA is generally a three-year, postgraduate course. Job opportunities for MCA graduates are normally found in consultancy firms, large corporations, and IT companies, among others.

Some universities also offer a PG Diploma in Computer Applications, which is considered equivalent to the MCA. Students applying for this course need to have studied mathematics either through the BCA, BSc or BCom, or should have studied the subject at the 10+2 level. The curriculum is designed to provide information and skills on IT, business management and mathematics.

You may find some colleges or distance learning programmes that offer the MCA without mathematics. However, you might have to undergo a foundation course in Mathematics alongside your MCA program. One such university that offers a degree in MCA without a mathematics background is ICFAI University, Tripura, India. It would require you to get enrolled in Foundation Course in Computers (FCC) and or Foundation Course in Mathematics (FCM).

However, as this is one of the core subjects in your course, you should evaluate the effectiveness of the course fully before enrolling. Admission is normally through entrance tests. The entrance tests have questions on higher mathematics and reasoning.