My sister has completed Edexcel Level 5 Btech Higher National Diploma (HND) in business (total 16 modules). She wants to complete her bachelor's degree from an accredited university in Abu Dhabi. However, she would like to pursue this degree part-time as she wants to work in order to finance her studies. Please suggest a good university in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
Sunil, via email 

Many universities in the UAE, which are approved and accredited by MOHESR (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) will offer your sister the option to complete a bachelor's degree on a part-time basis.

This involves an evaluation of the subjects she took during the Higher National Diploma to calculate the exact number of subjects she needs to finish her bachelor's degree. This is known as credit exemption evaluation. The duration of the course depends on the subjects she takes per semester.

The minimum she can take is three and the maximum is five.

The tuition fees and duration of the course depends on the university and the number of subjects she takes per semester.

She may be able to get about two to three semesters off based on her current qualifications.

To apply, your sister needs to submit her transcripts and course description for the HND as well as high school transcripts and her English proficiency test.

In the UAE, University of Wollongong and Canadian University of Dubai (MOHESR approved) offer options to study business on a part-time basis.