I've been working as a prorator with an airline for a while, but I feel the need to change my profession and pursue a career in business analysis. Please advise on the pre-requisites for becoming a business analyst. Is there an institute in Dubai or in Northern India that offers a course in this field? How can I pursue my studies without compromising my current job?
Naved, Dubai 

A business analyst organises and analyses companies and must understand the organisation's problems in order to communicate and suggest changes in its business process and policies. Business analysts are not project managers as they are responsible for managing the business solution not implementing it.

You will find business analysts in a wide range of industries with different job titles. With that in mind you will need soft skills along with degree qualifications. Computer science and information degrees, systems analysis, business communications, accounting or a MBA are options you could consider.

Another option is to become a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) through an accredited institution.

In the UAE, certificate courses are available at the International Institute for Learning (IIL) Middle East and Institute of International Research (IIR).

IIL also offers online courses, which are useful if you wish to continue working while pursuing your accreditation.

Certificate courses in Northern India are available with the School of Analytics, Delhi.

Before registering, I would advise you to investigate all the courses you are considering to make sure they are endorsed and recognised in the industry you plan to work in. It is also important that you find out which of the available courses meet your requirements.