I am a grade 10 student and I want to study commerce, with economics, maths, business, accounting and English as my main subjects. I would like to know what my future career options are and also the best places to study these subjects after I finish grade 12.
Name withheld upon request

Among the wide range of courses available to you as a student of commerce are those that relate to the subjects you have chosen such as economics, business and accounting.

Most graduates take jobs in fields like banking, insurance and so on, while some choose careers related to business intelligence, market research and retail merchandise.

International accountancy companies offer a number of career choices from management and IT consulting to tax planning and dealing with insolvency. Additional professional qualifications would further open up the path to senior management positions.

There are options in the academic field as well, for example being a professor, teacher or researcher in economics, but again would require postgraduate study.

Apart from the above you should look into careers related to operations research, biomathematics, cryptography, medicine, law, government and international relations.

Investigate the following courses that are emerging as popular choices these days: forensic accounting, carbon finance, environmental economics or space commerce. (Space commerce deals with space commerce barriers and problem solving for tourism, telecommunications, positioning and navigation, broadcasting and earth observation.)

There are many colleges, universities and countries where you could pursue these courses. You should make your decision in consultation with a college counsellor who will need to understand your finances, grades and expectations, amongst other things.

Spend time doing a comparison of countries as this will help make your decision of where to study simpler.