Dubai: The digital edition of the book Those Who Inspire: UAE, which documents experiences of 60 innovative Emiratis, was launched by the Hamdan Bin Mohammad Smart University (HBMSU).

As part of a joint initiative between the book’s French authors, Delphine Barets and Marlene Plomik, and the office of Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council and President of HBMSU, the digital version of the book was launched for HBMSU’s learners and staff who will be able to access it at the university’s e-library and Virtual Executive Club.

The two parties aim to pass on knowledge about Emirati culture to the local community and inspire the younger generation in a bid to position the UAE among the world’s developed countries.

Dr Mansour Al Awar, HBMSU Chancellor, commended the book for reflecting the high level of excellence and creativity that the Emirati community has achieved, saying it contributes to the country’s cultural, intellectual and humanitarian development.

“We are honoured to launch the digital edition of the book which will be accessible through the HBMSU portal as part of our ongoing commitment to enrich knowledge and consolidate the culture of innovation in the Arab world. The strategy aims to make the UAE one of the world’s most innovative countries in the next seven years,” he said.

Al Awar also said that the book sheds light on the creations of Emirati intellectuals, doctors, artists, educators, scientists, athletes and entrepreneurs.

“It highlights that success, creativity and excellence are not limited to a certain domain but are open to everyone with different interests. We are confident that the book, with all the leading experiences and achievements it documents, will inspire readers to pursue leadership and excellence in their field of expertise. This will make a positive impact on our society,” he added.