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I deal with anger in different ways. Really, it just depends on why I got angry or mad.

1. I shout or scream. This is probably something most normal people do in their heads, but me, I like it loud! I just scream a lot. Or vent my anger by reading a good book. It’s true: a book is your best friend. My current favorite author is Jacqueline Wilson. Her books are really popular and she deserves her popularity, for her eccentric and imaginative writing style.

2. I listen to calming music. I sleep much easier these days, as I play customised sleep music with an app called Relax Melodies. I rate it a full 5 stars. I put a timer for usually 30 minutes, I read for 15 minutes, and fall asleep in minutes. It’s really useful, and when I’m angry, I love curling up in the bed listening to calming music. It’s just so soothing and relaxing…

3. My brother helps me calm down – and sometimes starts my anger! I have a sweet little 3-year-old brother. He may seem like a little angel, but he’s a naughty kid alright. All those without siblings keep saying how they’d love a sibling, how fun it would be…I used to be one of them! Well, they don’t know the pain in having one. But, let me not be so harsh. The truth also is, having a sibling has its perks. Sometimes, you’re studying, and then your brother begs you to go to the park. Before you know it, his pleas have melted your heart and you cn scarcely recognise the girl running around and playing tag with him who was a minute ago bored and tired with studying (mainly Maths).

So, these are the ways I calm down. By the way, customising these tips helps.

Aishwarya S.N Grade 8, Al Bateen Academy Image Credit: Supplied