Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) will meet the management of a private school on Wednesday, to discuss details regarding an alleged abuse of an eight-year-old student.

Majid Bushnaq said his Grade 4 student son Mohammad attended a top private school where he had been emotionally and physically assaulted by both his English and Mathematics teachers, and his Grade 4 supervisors.

After Bushnaq said he corresponded several times with the ADEC about everything that happened to Mohammad at the school in the past year, the ADEC decided to take action by meeting with both parties on Wednesday.

ADEC Director General's advisor Yousuf Al Sheriani said: "ADEC will meet with both Mohammad's parents and the International School of Choueifat's management separately, to investigate and discuss details of the alleged abuse of the student, and will take fair action and judgment based on the outcome of both meetings".


In his complaint letters to ADEC, Bushnaq described some of assaults carried out by the teachers: "Because of Mohammad's Mathematics teacher who regularly calls Mohammad stupid in front of his peers, my son was suspended from three of his lessons and exams".

"In addition, his English teacher pulled Mohammad hard from his arm, and then pulled him from the back of his T-Shirt." the boy's father wrote in his complaint.

"Mohammad's underwear is seen by the rest of the class and they all laugh at him.

"He was then thrown into the corridor, and fell down on the floor.

"I consider this to be both physical/mental assaults."

Bushnaq went on to say: "The school is doing everything possible to ensure Mohammad fails his exams.

"I am seriously considering stopping my son from attending the school.

"I'm really concerned for his wellbeing. He is regularly suspended from classes and is not given the education he is meant to be getting from the school," he said.