Abu Dhabi: The first two opening hours of the NAJAH exhibition attracted busloads of parents, professionals and more than 1,000 enthusiastic students seeking education, counselling advice and career paths, witnessed Gulf News on Sunday.

The NAJAH Education Training Careers exhibition is taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from October 19 to 21, featuring over 100 national and international companies and universities looking to recruit new talent.

Other booths such as the Ministry of Education and the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) offer consultation and advice for high school students who are indecisive about which university to enter.

Senior Supervisor and Psychologist at the ministry, Ahmad Eid, told Gulf News that a total of ten psychologists are rotating each day to offer advice and consultation to parents, job seekers and students.

"We sit with students or job seekers and try to analyse their character and listen to their concerns. They fill out a questionnaire which allows the psychologist to understand the individuals' character. We do all we can to advice people on their areas of strengths and what field or area of study they should pursue," said the official.

One of the ministry psychologists, Hajar Al Hussani, spoke to over 20 individuals in less than two hours. "I haven't even had time to have my morning coffee. I am impressed with this year's exhibition; I feel there's more interest and enthusiasm from both students and job seekers."

Even though it's his first appearance in the NAJAH exhibition, Dr Mugheer Al Khaili, Director-General in the ADEC, is impressed with the quality and presentation of the exhibition. "I am especially impressed with the new scientific research centre offering inaugurated by Shaikh Khalifa University ten days ago and expect it to be ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide soon. It's apparent today that universities are encouraging students to enter the science field."

Mohammad Al Daheri, the Director of the Abu Dhabi Education Zone (ADEZ), feels the exhibition helps in simplifying a student/parents choice when selecting a particular university or job. "There's so much variety for students to select from. National and international organisations all under one roof."

Christine Weaver, Exhibitions Director for IIR Middle East (who are the organisers for NAJAH) told Gulf News that approximately 550 schools have been approached to take part in the exhibition. Students attending NAJAH come from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Western Region.

The 2007 NAJAH exhibition witnessed 4,000 visitors, expected number this year is 6,000. "There's more awareness and interactive activities this year from students, parent and job seekers. Visitors who attended last years NAJAH exhibition realised that they walked out with ideas and an insight on what they want to do," said Weaver.