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We all know that in a challenging and globalised economy, there are not enough opportunities for young people without real-life skills. If students are not real-life and college-ready by the time they graduate, they face limited life options.

“We ignite a passion for learning by creating an inclusive community which fosters virtues, innovation, and best practice focused on achieving successful outcomes for all our students,” says Hesham Abdeen, Head of Accreditation and Evaluations, BEAM.

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“At BEAM, we are committed to fostering and instilling an autonomous learning culture that prepares students for future success and challenges, and supports them to be competent, confident and responsible global citizens. In keeping with its Creative Science Schools’ commitment to providing our students with an outstanding well-rounded education, we aspire to provide continuity in implementing international best practices within our schools and the community that lead to well informed future-ready learners.”

BEAM schools in Dubai and Sharjah aim for their students to succeed and become global and digital citizens. Educators at its schools are committed to helping every learner develop as a whole person, fulfil her or his potential, and help shape a shared future, built on the well-being of individuals, communities, and the world.

“At our learning communities, we are committed to guide our students to be connected and navigate their pathways through various digital learning resources we offer. Our professionals focus on providing challenging and holistic learning programmes to meet the needs of all learners,” says Abdeen.

“To be part of the international communities of learning, BEAM schools obtained accreditations from the leading international accreditation bodies — NEASC and BSO — and we further aim at enhancing our learners’ digital skills as they enjoy our well-resourced campuses to create, annotate, interact, engage, build, and design tasks and hands-on-projects.”

To continue to tackle current unprecedented situation, BEAM Creative Science Schools are committed to providing alternative means of education in the form of face-to-face learning and distance education, where its teachers diligently and passionately deliver influential teaching and learning that allows students to meet above-expected standards in any learning environment.

“All BEAM schools take pride in their outstanding safe environments where all our leaders are trained professionals in safeguarding and ensuring a sustained safe community where learners watch themselves grow and mature,” says Abdeen, adding, “While this is a time of uncertainty and challenge, it is also a time that provides us with unlimited opportunities to provide our children with a challenging and globalised learning that meets the individual needs, grounded in excellence rooted in values. Hence, we are adamant to provide all our students and teachers with sufficient support that sparks an internal and positive change in interactive learning communities, empowering them to transform and adapt to change and digitalisation.