Bhavika Vankayala
Bhavika Vankayala Image Credit: Supplied

Bhavika Vankayala, Grade 11, Delhi Private School, Sharjah

Never judge a book by its cover? Secretly, I always did.

I would sometimes just read the first page and predict the whole story.

My school has this program called D.E.A.R. time (Drop Everything And Read) where you just have to read anything other than usual study material. For me, books was only meant for studying so I didn’t bother much about this program

One day, I happened to notice a book, which was kept on my table with a very attractive cover page. I casually started reading the book and I got so engrossed that I lost track of time and surroundings. I still remember that book: One Minute Manager. by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. That day, my friends kept staring at me constantly while I was reading, they felt like something was wrong with me keeping in mind that I never used to read with so much interest.

Since then, I developed an interest in personality related books. These books would grab my attention all the time. The best part is I noticed that I slowly started implementing these personality traits in my day- to-day practices. I realised that I have to work smart and not hard.

Besides personality development, my vocabulary and the syntactical usage also improved considerably. Finally, my marks also have shown a lot of improvement.

I personally feel that we get different aspects of looking or facing a situation when we read more. Now, I just love reading books. When I have a stressful day, a book can easily distract me and calm me down. I feel reading books is like a stress buster and a very good company when bored. In conclusion we are able to know our normal through the beautiful lessons residing in the pages. Books teach us far more than what we can think of…