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QS World University Rankings (QSWUR) 2021 edition lists Ajman University (AU) among the top 750 institutions globally by ranking it in the 701-750 band — thereby propelling the institution into the top 2.5 per cent of universities worldwide. This is the sixteenth edition produced by the world-respected UK-based higher education intelligence and media group.

This marks the third consecutive year in which AU has moved up an entire range in the QSWUR. For 2019 (released June 2018), AU debuted in the World Rankings in the 801-1000 category. For 2020 (released June 2019), AU moved into the 751-800 block. As of today, AU sits among the Top 750.

Furthermore, the 2021 QSWUR cited AU as having the third most international student body and the fifth most international faculty of institutions worldwide.

“I am so proud that our inclusive community brings the world together while seeking to make it a better place,” said Karim Seghir, Chancellor, AU. “Being ranked among the top 750 of universities worldwide — with the third and fifth most international students and faculty, respectively — is one of the most important milestones in the 32-year history of our pioneering institution.”

The 2021 QSWUR also lists AU among the top six in the UAE, up from eighth position in 2020.

“I am delighted to note on the improved year-on-year performance of Ajman University under the leadership of Dr Karim,” said Dr Ashwin Fernandes, Regional Director for QS in the MENA and South Asia region. “Having an institution make a turnaround and focus on excellence and development, which takes effect in the short term is a good achievement and showcases faculty, students and stakeholders who jointly contribute to this success.”