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The Amity School Dubai community welcomed 2021 with open arms and masked faces. While teachers, parents and students faced the challenging impact of covid-19, their school community grew stronger and closer as the values of trust and confidence evolved harmoniously together. Through the unpredictability, Amity School Dubai was quick to implement digital tools and create content across all learning requirements and experiences.

In March 2020, an exciting Bridge Programme was converted to digital distance learning mode, without any loss of time. The school also got some help from their partners in the region, as teachers from Amity International School Abu Dhabi conducted training programmes to help teachers get a grip of the various teaching opportunities availble through MS Teams and SeeSaw. In a matter of days, students were trained at the tech spaces in school, while training modules and webinars for parents continued during the first week.

Through this rapid transformation, the school learnt to take every step to support parents and students. With agility, the curriculum was redesigned to include the discovery of new digital tools. Stepping into real time innovation with amazing new experiences and preserving the core value of seamless individual attention, between the teacher and the child was a challenge the school overcame through ‘insights’ on the screen.

Teachers at the school are ready for the new adventures of 2021. Their strategy is clear, and they know they can make a difference in the lives of students and families, as they continue to advocate for resilience and hope. Amity School Dubai’s ability to handle crisis as a challenge is truly remarkable, for the pandemic is not a paralyzing event but a push to evolve and innovate. They have learnt to embrace technology, leverage their ability to multitask, problem solve and evolve quite seamlessly as a change-maker school.