Gulf News spoke to a few workers in the Al Barari area where there is construction work going on to know how the community fridges are making a difference.


Navaj Bakal, from India

“Every 20 minutes, people [who are managing the fridge] come to check if it is full. This really helps the workers because they get water and juice and then they can go to the mosque and have iftar. A lot of the workers work 8-10 hours so it helps them staying hydrated. There are workers, gardeners and people that deliver food like me who come down to use the fridge. Many people are stopping by all day. We are thankful.”


Ramu Dharmal, from India

“This fridge is good for everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims. It really helps workers who are not fasting as we are working during the day in this 40 degree heat. Sometimes they have fruit, juices, laban and water. There are no water stations around this area, so a lot of us come down to the fridge to grab a few bottles of water for the day.”


Sudhel Mallipudi, From India

“This fridge is very good for us. It’s really hot with temperatures in the 40s. The fridge is stocked every day, many times a day. Sometimes there are mango and orange juices, laban, water and fruits. Also, many times there is packet food. It’s very nice of the people [to do this]. Some of us are not fasting, so it helps us feel better during the day. Before iftar, many people come and take drinks.”