Atlantis staff release baby sharks for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Municipality marked the National Environment Day on Tuesday by conducting various activities including the release of release of 10 juvenile Arabian Carpet Sharks back into the ocean at the Jebel Ali Wetland Sanctuary, the civic body said on Wednesday.

The sharks were released in cooperation with the Lost Chambers Aquarium of Atlantis Hotel where they were raised and nurtured. Alia Al Harmoudi, Director of Environment Department

“The sharks, raised and nurtured at the Aquarium of Atlantis Hotel, were released to enhance fish stocks and conserve biodiversity in the Jebel Ali Wetlands Sanctuary,” Alia Al Harmoudi, director of Environment Department said in a press release.

The activity was held in the presence of 100 students from various schools in Dubai in addition to a number of marine biologists in Atlantis.

“The activities also included planting a large number of mangrove trees that supports highlighting the slogan of the National Environment Day, “Nature-based solutions,” in addition to various workshops on the importance of preserving the marine environment and marine organisms,” said Al Harmoudi.

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Tree planting in the mangroves was also part of 23rd National Environment Day celebrations Image Credit: Supplied

“Through the various activities, students and attendees were taught the importance of nature-based solutions such as planting mangroves, which in turn contribute to protecting the coasts. The importance of mangroves, whose height ranges between three and eight meters, is not limited to this matter only. It attracts different types of animals to protect them from the hot sun in summer, and fishes live close to it,” Al Harmoudi.

She said the Environment Department is keen on following the best global practices to preserve the environment, as work has been done to develop policies, strategies and legislation aimed at protecting the air and marine environment from pollution and preserving the Emirate’s natural resources of soil and groundwater and enhancing fish wealth to reduce the risks of erosion, as well as preserving the terrestrial and marine biodiversity in the emirate, and reducing the risks resulting from climate change phenomenon at the emirate level through developing the climate adaptation strategy for the Emirate of Dubai.

Sustainable practices

Khaled Sharif Al Awadhi, CEO of Health, Safety and Environment Sector in Dubai Municipality stated that this year’s celebration comes with the aim of focusing attention on and highlighting the contribution of sustainable practices alongside the Municipality’s efforts to support the path of sustainable environmental development.

This is being done by activating local environmental initiatives, and seeking to raise the level of environmental awareness in the emirate as well as developing partnerships with various segments of the society to develop the course of environmental work, and contribute to the growth and development of a sustainable environment.

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Tree planting in the mangroves was also part of 23rd National Environment Day celebrations Image Credit: Supplied

He pointed out that this day constitutes an important mark in the course of environmental action in general, and efforts to raise the level of interest and awareness on environmental issues in particular, as this event clearly contributes to asserting a firm and genuine commitment to environmental protection and development, and to focusing on environmental issues and placing them on the National Action Agenda, which was clearly demonstrated in the UAE Vision 2021, and in raising the level of environmental awareness for all members of society.

“By celebrating this occasion, the Municipality aims to highlight the constant attention and care that the wise leadership gives to environmental work in all its aspects, and to publicize the huge efforts made by the Municipality in preserving the environment and highlight its achievements in this field, in addition to emphasizing the commitment of Dubai Municipality to participate in the global efforts to preserve the environment and develop its resources in a sustainable manner,” said Al Awadhi.

He said that the occasion was also meant for highlighting the importance of the environment and its issues and urging individuals and groups to participate positively in their protection and strive to create groups that attract concerned public, who are interested in participating in environmental protection.

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Tree planting in the mangroves was also part of 23rd National Environment Day celebrations Image Credit: Supplied

Al Awadhi explained that Dubai Municipality adopts a method that relies on transformation to use green products that are environmentally friendly and works in cooperation with the relevant federal authorities and bodies to integrate the best environmental standards in all goods and services to ensure the reduction of environmental pollution in the emirate.

He added that the Municipality has also participated in developing Dubai Industrial Strategy, which took into account the environmental dimension in terms of choosing industries that do not pollute the environment and that do not depend on high consumption of resources, energy and water.