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Dubai: Dubai Police solved a mystery of missing worker after they found his decaying corpse inside a sinkhole.

An Asian supervisor in a sewage company in Dubai alerted Dubai police about a putrid smell from one of the manholes.

Major Expert Rashid Bin Hazeem, Director of Forensic Photography at Crime Scene section in the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology at Dubai Police, said that a team of underwater crime scene section went into the sinkhole to inspect the matter when they found human bones. “We found human remains at the bottom of the sinkhole mixed with silt. We sifted the human remains with a special tool and separated the human remains from the silt,” said Major Bin Hazeem.

As police experts were taking the DNA from the human remains, other officers from the Criminal Investigation Department questioned the workers who claimed the Asian worker was missing for several days after he went inside the sinkhole to clean it.

“There was a block in the sinkhole and he went inside without taking permission from the supervisor who thought the worker left the place. The DNA showed that the human remains were for the worker.”


Major Bin Hazeem, said that investigation showed that he was trapped in the sinkhole and the poison gases suffocated the worker. “There was no foul play behind the death of the worker.”

He said that crime scene teams are trained on poor visibility and control their bodies underwater as well as in presence of toxic gases in some places.