The Dubai Police Marine Rescue team retrieved an Asian tourist's wallet from the Hatta Dam. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Maritime Rescue Department of Dubai Police recently retrieved valuables to an Asian tourist after they had plunged into the deep end of Hatta Water Dam while he was kayaking.

The valuables included a wallet contained ID and credit cards, a vehicle key, and two phones.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ali Abdullah Al Naqbi, Director of Sea Rescue Department in Dubai Police, said that an Asian man called 999 seeking help after his personal belongings fell into the water reservoir at the Hatta Dam.

A Marine rescue patrol was dispatched to the scene to determine the location where the objects had fallen. “After a search plan had drawn up, a Frogman Team of Maritime Rescue Department went underwater to search for the valuables,” Lt-Col. Al Naqbi explained. The search was successful despite the blurry and low visibility underwater. Cloudy weather further added to the low visibility conditions.

Successful operation

“This successful operation was the second in two consecutive days, where the team was also able to extract the belongings of an Arab tourist woman who lost her wallet in the Hatta Water Dam,” Lt-Col. Al Naqbi added.

He called on the public to be extra careful with their personal belongings during activities, especially sports and marine activities that required physical movement or any other activity.

The tourists were extremely happy and expressed their thanks to Dubai Police for the speedy action of returning their valuables.