Dolphin Ratheesh swimming in a canal in Kerala. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Abu Dhabi: A record-winning Indian lifeguard from Dubai is aiming to swim the English Chanel with his hands and legs tied — and set a world record in the process.

Ratheesh Radhakrishnan, 32, who works with Anantara Hotels, is no novice when it comes to adventurous stunts in water. The ace swimmer from Kerala has already been featured in the India Limca Book of World Records for a 3-km swim in 40 minutes with his arms and legs tied with bandages in the Arabian sea off Kollam beach in Kerala.

He had broken his own previous record in the latest event which was held on September 16 last year as part of the World Peace Day celebrations in his native state.

Popularly known as Dolphin Ratheesh, Radhakrishnan told XPRESS he is in the UAE only to achieve his biggest dream – to set a world record by replicating the same feat in the 34km English Channel.

“That is my biggest dream. I am already putting in extra hours to practice,” said Radhakrishnan who took up a job as a lifeguard in the UAE two months ago. He was working as a rescue diver with the Marine Enforcement Department of Kerala for the last six years and was just awarded the best lifeguard prize by the Department of Tourism, Kerala.

“I am seeking support from individuals or corporates for sponsorship to undertake this challenge. I am assuming it will take 14 hours to cross the channel, and I want to hire a trainer,” said Radhakrishnan, who is married with a kid.

But with a meagre salary of less than Dh2,500, Radhakrishnan needs financial assistance from sports enthusiasts in the UAE.

“I have taken leave from my government service to fulfill my dream. I came to Dubai as adventure sports are well recognised in the UAE,” he added.