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Reader asks why it’s taking months for his bank to update his Al Etihad Credit Bureau records Image Credit: Shutterstock

  • I cleared and paid my pending loan; waiting for bank to update its records
  • Bank did not update Al Etihad Credit Bureau records 
  • I can’t proceed with my plans because of this Al Etihad report


In February 2019 I cleared and paid my pending loan with an amount of Dh6,212 with Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB). In that month itself, I raised a complaint for DIB to clear my name and update my record at Al Etihad Credit Bureau since the pending amount is still showing Dh6,212.

I spent almost Dh252 (three times to request for Al Etihad credit report) but till June 20, the issue persists. The amount is still showing, and I can’t proceed with my plans because of this Al Etihad report; I am waiting for DIB’s action, and it’s getting too delayed.

This June, I had opened another complaint because DIB said that the first complaint, which I had raised was resolved. How can it be resolved if till this June, the pending amount is still showing at Al Etihad?

I hope to get the attention of DIB to solve the issue as soon as possible. I paid the amount, thus they should take swift action.

From Ms Princess Dianne Sanmocte



The management of DIB responds: DIB would like to confirm that its Customer Support Excellence team has been informed about Ms Princess Dianne Sanmocte’s situation.

We are pleased to say that the team has contacted Ms Sanmocte and the matter has been resolved. We now consider the case to be closed and look forward to helping Ms Sanmocte in any other way we can.

At DIB, we greatly value our customers and ensure that their requests or concerns are addressed and resolved in the best possible manner.

(Process initiation: June 23. Response from organisation: July 17.)

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