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(Clockwise) Sukesh, Ramdasan and Shaikh are the latest winners of the Big Ticket weekly draw in May Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Throughout the month of May, Big Ticket’s guaranteed weekly e-draw is giving 23 customers the chance to win Dh10,000 or Dh100,000 every week.

Among the lucky winners so far are a driver, an HR manager, and a safety officer residing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

First winner

Shaik Fareeth, a 44-year-old driver in Dubai, has been purchasing Big Ticket for the past three years with a group of friends. However, when his friends decided to discontinue their participation, Shaik made the bold choice to acquire his first individual ticket from the Big Ticket store at Abu Dhabi Airport.

The lucky ticket proved to be the winning one, securing a Dh100,000 prize for Shaik. The lucky Big Ticket winner advised everyone not to give up, as you never know when your lucky day might come.

Second winner

The second winner of Dh100,000 is Ramdasan, an HR manager from Kerala who has been residing in Dubai for the past 13 years. Ramdasan purchased his winning ticket online on May 11.

Expressing his gratitude, Ramdasan said, ‘Thank you, Big Ticket, for changing countless lives and helping people achieve their dreams’.

Week 3 winner

Sukesh, a 37-year-old safety officer in Abu Dhabi, purchased his ticket from Big Ticket counter when he was travelling from Abu Dhabi Airport for vacation with his family and the lucky ticket was chosen by his wife. Sukesh said he will be saving his cash prize for his daughters’ futures.

In addition to the three individuals who won Dh100,000 each, there were also twenty other winners from different nationalities who were awarded a prize of Dh10,000 each, bringing the total number of winners to 23 in May.

Customers of Big Ticket who purchase raffle tickets during the month of May are automatically entered into one of the weekly electronic draws and stand a chance to be one of three winners to walk away with Dh100,000 or one of 20 winners to take home Dh10,000 every week.

The same ticket will give them a chance to win the grand prize of Dh20 million or one of the other seven life-changing cash prizes on June 3.