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( L TO R) Rose Hanoun and Lour Hanoun (Palestine) during the UAE’s twins, triplets and multiples community is all set to meet in Dubai after a gap of six years the event organized TwinsPlus Arabia, an online community support group for the tribe at Burj Park on 24 JAN 2020 photo; Atiq Ur Rehman /Gulf News Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman, Gulf News

Dubai: Double the fun, double the joy and double the tasks and sacrifices too. This is the common response parents of twins reply with when asked how it is to raise twins.

But it was definitely double the celebration as hundreds of twins – and few sets of triplets – descended upon Burj Park on Friday for the launch of TwinsPlus Arabia on Friday afternoon.

Mothers and fathers were seen pushing twin strollers and talking to other parents to share some tips on how to raise pairs of kids. Twins, of course, come dressed in the same suits as competitions were held for the most identical and least alike twins in different age groups (from month-old to adults). Prizes were also given to the youngest and oldest multiples and twins who have travelled the furthest.

The award for being the youngest set of twins at the event went to Haig (boy) and Vana (girl) Teperdjian, who were born on August 22 last year in the US while the most identical twins in the 6-10 years old category were Varisha and Pareesa.

The prospect of raising twins can seem like a daunting task, Varisha’s and Pareesa’s parents told Gulf News. “You have two mouths to feed, two bottoms to clean up, it’s sometimes twice the crying, and school expenses is double at the same time,” Srikanth explained.

“But it can also be the most fulfilling challenge you’ll ever experience. And you can also say that you can become an expert on babies almost overnight. Raising twins means you do twice the tasks of regular parents,” he added.

Twins are survivors too. Prematurely born at seven months, Oscar and Lucas have both grown strong and energetic and are now giving their parents a hard time chasing after them.

French expat Romain Martimort and Janet Martimort from Hong Kong said: “We had no idea how to have two babies at once, and it’s been the most wonderful surprise of our lives.”

Their twins, however, have different characters. “Although they look alike, they have different interests and attitude – one is hyperactive and the other is sometimes reserved,” the proud parents added.

Meanwhile, Suman Manning, herself a mother of triplets (one boy and two girls) and founder of TwinsPlus Arabia, said the gathering of twins and triplets was a big success as it created a support group or network for parents of twins.

“Being an expat parent is hard enough and we understand the responsibilities of raising twins. With TwinPlus Arabia, which has around 1,200 registered members, we can share some tips as well as give reassurance and confidence to parents like us,” she added.