Caesar, an allegedly abused dog outside his kennel in Abu Dhabi. Neighbours have complained that he is being treated poorly and is suffering from medical conditions. Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Caesar, a two-year-old pitbull, had a rope tied around his neck and appeared dehydrated as he lay down on the sand, with not so much as an umbrella to give him relief from the summer sun.

Caesar and Tyson, a two- year-old boxer, live in a luxurious villa located on the beach in an upmarket housing compound in Abu Dhabi. The dogs live with a Canadian businessman. A neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote a letter describing Caesar, as: "Always barking, always locked, doesn't have any access to proper airflow."

When Gulf News visited the home, Caesar appeared to have a neck infection. He was tied to a pole without shade. He had no food or water. His dog trainer said: "I walk Caesar for one hour every day. He is temporarily placed in this area till we repair his cage."

A wooden kennel was under construction close to where Caesar was sitting. An electrician explained that he was fixing two fans in the dog cage, which the owner had requested.

According to the owner. both dogs are tied up for most of the day. When set loose, they run amok in the garden and drink water from the swimming pool.

"We walk them twice a day, once in the morning for five to ten minutes, and once at night for half an hour or more. I am financially and mentally capable to give my dogs a good life, and Caesar's situation is temporary, till his house is ready, which is soon," clarified the owner.

Caesar's situation comes as no surprise to Dr Rachel Shaw, Director at the Strays of Abu Dhabi. "The owner in this case isn't ignorant, he knows he should provide shelter and water but doesn't. It's a clear case of animal cruelty under UAE welfare law. As always, the question is whether those with authority will enforce the law, fine the owner, and demand the dog's living conditions be improved appropriately," said Dr Shaw.

Head Veterinary at the British Veterinary Centre Dr Jonathan Haile feels the Royal Society for the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is exactly what's needed in the Emirates. "There's no reason why the right infrastructure for prevention to cruelty to animals can't be set up here," he said.

The Abu Dhabi Animal Welfare Centre:

The Abu Dhabi Animal Welfare Centre, a shelter programme for cats and dogs, will open its doors in the next six months at the ADFH.

"The shelter can take up to 200 stray animals. We are promoting a no-kill-policy for animals, by making sure any stray's we receive are implanted with microchips, treated and vaccinated, spayed, and well taken care of," said a senior Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital official.

To report a abandoned/stray cat or dog, you may call the Abu Dhabi Animal Welfare Centre on:

02-6733-601 or 02-6732-832