Dubai: Dr Ali Dabbagh is back in town after venturing on several failed attempts to get to the Gaza Strip before and during the start of the Israeli invasion. He is still adamant he will find a way in.

Dr Dabbagh, a British-Palestinian and a Dubai resident, was among the passengers who joined the Free Gaza Movement, a mercy boat sailing from Cypriot port with tonnes of medical and food supplies along with lawmakers, journalists, and doctors.

Following their initial attempt on Monday to complete a 24-hour voyage to Gaza, the boat had to turn back when the generator failed after only three hours.

Huwaida Arraf, organiser of the US-based Free Gaza Movement, said just before their second attempt on Wednesday that: "We are determined to get through Gaza to carry our message and mission about the ongoing massacre. Our mission is not only for humanitarian reasons but we are taking a stand in the outrageous situation resulted by Israel."

According to Arraf, the Free Gaza Movement received warnings from Israel to halt their mission, calling the attempt to reach Gaza "provocative and risky."

Dr Dabbagh made his decision to return to Dubai following the initial attempt saying he had made the decision after hearing news that a few doctors were being allowed to enter through Rafah crossing in Egypt. He said he realised Israel's determined stance to halt the mission and said it was not possible to get into Gaza.


"I came back to save time and try to find alternative options to get to Gaza," he told Gulf News upon his arrival in Dubai on Tuesday.

His prediction was correct as activists aboard the ferry said yesterday they were returning after an overnight encounter in international waters in which Israeli ships threatened to open fire.