Nayana Tharoor, Founder and Artistic Director, Dancers Across Borders (DAB) had always envisioned starting a studio that presents formal and non-formal settings of dance education, where initiatives in different countries transcend borders of all kinds — from cultural and international borders to subject, professional and socio-economic borders. Dubai, a cultural kaleidoscope, sets the stage for a perfect dance community to thrive. One that is inclusive and engaging, and that culturally evokes passion through dance, movement and the arts.

DAB follows a holistic teaching methodology, one that explores different theoretical perspectives on dance and cultural diversity, alongside case narratives that show these perspectives in a specific cultural setting. Key themes include how student learning is enhanced by cultural diversity, experiential teaching and learning involving social, cross-cultural and personal dimensions. This conceptually aligns with the current UNESCO protocols that accent empathy, creativity, cooperation and collaboration alongside skills- and knowledge-based learning in an endeavour to create civic mindedness and a more harmonious world. DAB aims to use this powerful tool and create a positive impact on the lives of its many students.

“Express yourselves fearlessly, hone your talents with pride and experience the beauty of dance,” says Tharoor. Her vision started with teaching Indian dance forms to as many interested students as possible, all the while preserving India’s cultural heritage. However, today DAB has grown to become more than just that. Despite engaging students from all age groups and backgrounds, each with stories of their own and commitments to keep, Tharoor still managed to forge a strong and loving community of women, fostered students to revive their passion for dance, and facilitated many to achieve their dreams.

Around the World with DAB

The latest addition to DAB’s curricula, Around the World with DAB is an international dance form, movement and arts programme. The initiative aims to train aspiring dancers and get them to travel to their dream destinations and produce bespoke dance covers of various styles choreographed by dance masters at the DAB dance studio, all as dance memorabilia. This is an occasion to break free from the constant humdrum of everyday life to a lovely location, free one’s mind, pursue a passion and bring dreams to fruition with the help DAB’s most talented teachers/instructors/choreographers. It’s a star-studded affair, where the student is the star!

In less than two years DAB has completed four seasons of its travel-dance series. After the successful completion of Season 4 in Thailand, DAB embarks on Season 5 at its very own home, right here in the UAE. The aim of the current season is simple — Celebrating Life. Every moment counts, big and small, messy or planned, surprising, emotional — or even dangerous. Life is an accumulation of all kinds of individual moments, like the moment when disappointment is put into perspective, or the instance when we do something for the last time, and just allow ourselves to pause and be in the moment.

DAB wants to remind everyone to enjoy every moment through the world of dance, at its very own home, here in the UAE.

DAB dance studio has two branches . One located at the Onyx Tower, unit 907 in Greens and the other at unit 410 in Ansar Gallery in Bur Dubai.

For enquiries to join the team and learn more about their curricula contact +971543806712. For more info visit