Abu Dhabi: The Federal Customs Authority (FCA) has initiated executive procedures to unify the customs system across the UAE.

The move is meant to authorise a common customs electronic system within all local customs administrations and border zones to contribute to cementing the security scheme, facilitate trade, simplify clearing procedures and expedite information and data.

The Cabinet had authorised in June the implementation of the common customs electronic system broadly in all customs administrations in the state and its affiliated zones under the supervision of the Federal Customs Authority (FCA).

Ali Saeed Matar Al Neyadi, customs commissioner and chairman of the FCA, said that implementing such a system contributes to achieving the Emirates 2021 strategy objectives on two key pillars. These are anchoring safe society rules and policies and building a knowledge-based competitive economy.

The new system will contribute to accomplishing the Al Azm Retreat outcomes between the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on implementing the initiatives of Customs Union and Gulf Common Market, and tackling mutual trade obstacles between both countries. It would help implement paperless customs by activating and developing electronic integration in both countries.