Dubai: Dubai Police arrested an African gang who tried to deceive a man by offering him to double his money after showing him piles of fake dollars, an official said on Wednesday.

Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Department in Dubai police, said that video went viral on social media showing boxes filled with piles of dollars, was a video taken by the African gang to the victim in order to blackmail him.

“The video was made by the African gang without the victim’s knowledge and used the clip to blackmail him after he had refused to give them money. The scammers tried to deceive the man, who the gang had lured through social media, promising him to double his money in no time while showing him boxes filled with counterfeit dollars,” Col Al Qasim said.

The man who almost fell a prey to the gang, disbelieved their claims and reported them to Criminal investigation Department in Dubai police.

The video showing a man wearing Emirati national dress inside an apartment checking piles of dollars in five huge white boxes.

However, Dubai Police arrested the gang and referred them to public prosecution. The did not say how many suspects were arrested.

Colonel Al Qasim urged the public to stay alert against all scammers and people promising to double their money.

“The man in the footage was almost duped but his quick reaction and his decision to report the incident led to the arrest of the gang. Public should be careful and don’t fall prey for such scams,” Col Al Qasim added.

Dubai Police say that public can report any crime through several channels, including the platform, or by calling 901 and 999.