A thief hacked into a Dubai man's credit card, and used it fraudulently to pay Abu Dhabi police fines. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Beggars are prowling online this Ramadan, and duping residents in donating to fake charity organisations. 

Abu Dhabi Police has cautioned the public to be wary about fraudulent methods used by beggars online to solicit money illegally.

Police said they have so far received several cases of online fraud that claimed to seek funds for humanitarian purposes, but instead, were scams that conned internet and social media users.

Authorities have also urged the public not to hesitate in reporting such beggars, and to provide evidence of the illegal behavior.

Abu Dhabi Police warned urged social media users to raise public awareness about these examples and other fraudulent methods, which trick people into transferring money to beggars.

Begging is not allowed in the UAE, and police in the capital have so far arrested 207 beggars in the first half of Ramadan. 

Residents who want to make donations should do so through the official channels of charity organisations, according to police, to avoid becoming a victim of electronic fraud.

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