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Umm Al Quwain: The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Umm Al Quwain Police General Headquarters has arrested a gang of Arab nationals who stole petroleum equipment and electrical materials worth around Dh3 million.

The gang stole the items from the new industrial area in Umm Al Thuoub.

Colonel Saeed Obaid bin Arran, director of the department, said that immediately after the department was tipped off about a suspicious activity, a working team was formed from the department and Salamah Police Station.

Quick arrest

Within 24 hours, the CID team was able to identify all members of the gang and arrest them. During interrogation, the gang members confessed to their crime.

They told police they sold some of the stolen items as scrap, while the remaining loot was found and seized at sites in another emirate.

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Col Bin Aran appealed to owners of companies to secure their materials and goods in safe locations and hire security if needed to safeguard their properties and items.