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For illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Two housemaids, both expatriates, stole gold jewellery belonging to their employer, an Arab woman, and hid them inside their room.

The Criminal Court in Dubai reviewed the case where the duo was accused of stealing four gold sets and accessories worth Dh250,000 and hiding them in a plastic bag that they had sewn inside the pocket of a skirt belonging to one of the maids.

In his statement to the investigators, the employer’s son said that his mother had told him to take out her jewellery from the wooden box in her bedroom.

However, when he opened the box, he was shocked to see that there was no jewellery in it. Immediately, he went to the maids’ room and searched their cupboard. Inside the cupboard, he found their clothes, including a skirt that was unusually heavy. When he checked the seam on the inside of the skirt, he discovered a hidden pocket. He then tore open the seam and found a clear plastic bag sown on to the cloth and found in it the gold jewellery belonging to his mother.

The woman’s son then called in the police, who seized all the stolen jewellery and arrested the two accused.