Two carpenters went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after being accused of assaulting each other over a dispute on cleaning their room.

According to official records, the dispute broke out between the two Indian men inside their sharing room at Hatta in March this year.

The 26-year-old Indian defendant struck the head of his countryman with an iron tool because the latter asked him to clean the room.

“I took the second defendant to hospital as he was bleeding from his head. On the way to hospital, he told me that the first defendant attacked him because he asked him to clean the room,” a 28-year-old Pakistani supervisor said in records.

Records showed that the first defendant was under the influence of alcohol.

The medical report revealed that the 32-year-old Indian defendant suffered serious injuries in the head.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the first defendant with physical assault, causing disability to his countryman and illegally consuming alcohol. The second defendant was charged with physical assault too.

The next trial is on November 20.