Dubai: An Arab girl survived a suicide attempt after an alert social media user saw her video on Twitter and contacted Dubai Police immediately.

The girl, identified as M.A., had posted the video of her consuming a large quantity of pills in an attempt to commit suicide, which a Twitter user saw and alerted the police.

Brigadier Kamil Butti Al Suwaidi, director-general of Department of Operation Affairs, said that as soon as the command centre received information of the suicide attempt a rescue team started the process of uncovering the victim’s identity through her Twitter account.

He said that the team found a mobile number in her account information, which turned out to be her father’s.

In order not to scare the father, the police informed him that they had received a call from M.A., who was apparently sick. They told him that the call got disconnected before they could pinpoint her location and they could not reconnect to her number.

As the father was away and not in a position to reach out to the victim, he gave the police her sister’s number, who was reached immediately.

M.A’. s sister managed to intervene just in time and transfer her to the nearest hospital, before the police patrol and ambulance arrived on the scene.