Installing security cameras and appointing a guard on site are among steps that can reduce the risk of theft, police said. Image used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Sharjah: A new Sharjah Police awareness campaign is highlighting the risk of thefts at construction sites and ways to take security measures to prevent stealing.

The Sharjah Police General Headquarters, represented by the Comprehensive Police Stations Department and the Media and Public Relations Department, in cooperation with strategic partners Sharjah City Municipality and the Sharjah Economic Development Department, has launched the drive under the title ‘Safe Construction Environment’.

The initiative will continue till December to raise awareness about the reasons why construction sites are exposed to theft and introduce the dangers of these crimes.

Brigadier Yousef bin Harmul

Brigadier Yousef bin Harmul, Director of the Comprehensive Police Stations Department at Sharjah Police, praised the role played by strategic partners in supporting police efforts, enhancing community awareness of negative phenomena, reducing them, and warding off their risks.

Theft risks

He outlined common reasons that lead to the theft:

• leaving the main entrance to the facility without a closure or a temporary barrier

• negligence in leaving building materials on empty land without guarding them

• employing workers who violate the residency law

Security measures

Brig Bin Harmoul called on the owners of buildings and facilities, individuals and companies, to cooperate with the security authorities, and to take preventive measures to reduce the behaviours that create conditions, by:

• installing surveillance cameras

• appointing a guard on site

• installing a barrier or a temporary fence around the site

• buying building materials only with an official purchase document from the seller, in order to avoid legal accountability in the event it is found that the goods are stolen and illegal.