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The new mechanism for examining the validity of bullets can reduce the time for examination from five days to just five minutes. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Sharjah: The Forensic Laboratory at Sharjah Police General Command has obtained a patent for an industrial model, approved by the Ministry of Economy, for a new device that can check the viability of bullets.

Colonel Dr Naji Mohammad Hassan Al Hammadi

Colonel Dr Naji Mohammad Hassan Al Hammadi, a forensic evidence expert at Sharjah Police Criminal Laboratory, the inventor of the device, who won the Innovative Idea Excellence Award from Ministry of Interior, said that this achievement will contribute significantly to raising the efficiency of the department. This innovation also supports the efforts of the Ministry of Interior towards developing methods to combat and reduce crime.

Colonel Al Hammadi indicated that this achievement will directly serve those working in the field of forensic evidence, who are in charge of examining gunshots, and the police and judicial units responsible for gathering forensic evidence, as this new mechanism can reduce the time for examination from five days to only five minutes.

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Col Al Hammadi said this pioneering innovation can check 50 types of firearms of different calibres for validity of their ammunition. He thanked Sharjah Police General Command for its constant support for various ambitious ideas and projects in various fields to combat crime and for its continuous encouragement of creativity, innovation and excellence in implementation of newer projects.