Sharjah Police K9-1610174600953
The device helps to transmit health information about the animals and the performance of their organs to the devices. Image Credit: Courtesy: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: The Security Inspection Section (k9) at the Ports and Airports Police Department of the Sharjah Police General Command has launched a smart device to detect the activity of K9 dogs, and the impact of this on their security performance.

The device helps to transmit health information about the animals and the performance of their organs to the devices. This data will be transferred to the tablets and smartphones of the veterinary unit and the trainers, in order to facilitate the transfer of the readings instead of bringing them to the clinic to conduct traditional check ups such as their weight, activity, and other health information.

Brigadier Younis Al Hajri, Director of Sharjah Police Ports and Airports Department, praised the efforts of the Security Inspection Department (K9) in following up the latest smart technologies for the work of K9 dogs globally by developing the device, and placing it among the operating tools that contribute to the improvement of the work system.


The device is the brainchild of First Sergeant Moza Jamal Al Suwaidi, Veterinary Technician at the Veterinary Services Branch — Security Inspection Section (K9) at Sharjah Police. She explained that the wireless device is made of plastic, weighing 10 grams and is waterproof. It is charged every six months, and is placed on the collar on the dog’s neck. It is directly linked to the Veterinary Services Branch to follow up and read the data that it records about the dog. It is also linked to the phone, smartwatch, or iPad, which is available to the trainer or the supervisor of the K9 dog.

She said the aim of introducing the device is to maintain the health of the animal and raise its level of performance and efficiency in performing the functional tasks entrusted to it. The device shows a set of the dog’s vital signs, such as: its activity and sleep quality, through which it is known if he suffers from a skin disease or discomfort. The general health of the dog is measured, in addition to its weight. Its vital signs are monitored on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Thus the animal’s medical needs are also known through this data. The device also tracks the dog’s daily training hours and the distances travelled while walking, which contributes to knowing its readiness and raising efficiency at work.