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The building in Sharjah in which the man, 36, fell to his death after killing his wife and two daughters on Tuesday. Image Credit: Aghaddir Ali/Gulf News

Sharjah: The autopsy report of the family members who were killed by a 36-year-old Indian expat who subsequently jumped to his death from an 11th floor apartment on Tuesday were revealed by the Sharjah Police on Thursday.

The man, 36, fell to his death from his 11th floor apartment in Buhaira area on Tuesday after taking the lives of his wife and two daughters. Police and ambulance teams had rushed to the scene after receiving a call.

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In the note, the man confessed that he had taken the lives of his wife and two children. He had also written to officials asking them to recover the bodies of his family members from the 11th floor apartment.

Police said no signs of violence or resistance were found on the bodies of the man’s wife and two daughters which were found in the apartment.

Initial investigation suggests that the man strangulated his wife and two daughters, aged four and eight, police said.

However, forensic experts are conducting an autopsy on the bodies to determine the exact reason behind their death.

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, commander-in-chief of Sharjah Police, told Gulf News that the force is interrogating witnesses for possible leads.

Police summoned the manager of the company where the man worked for interrogation as well as a friend of the man’s wife.

Interrogations revealed that the man worked as director in a well-known electronics company in Dubai and had no financial problems. he made a decent living and cared for his family, police said.

According to tenants of the building, the family had been living there for the past six months.

Sharjah Police have contacted the family of the man in India. The man’s brother is expected to fly down to the UAE in the coming days.

Major General Al Shamsi said, “We did not have any data about the person indicating his identity or personality. The police found a paper on him in which he claimed he had killed his wife and two daughters and they were inside the apartment. The police subsequently obtained permission from the Public Prosecution to search the apartment, The door was broken open and the bodies of the wife and two daughters were recovered.”

He said, “Initial investigations, after examining the bodies of the deceased, indicate that there were no traces of violence or resistance. No sharp instrument had been used. Therefore, there could have been two possibilities for the method of killing: Either poisoning or strangulation.”

Investigations by Sharjah Police are ongoing.