Dubai: A salesman went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he was accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl shopping at the Global Village,

The 20-year-old Yemeni salesman allegedly touched the girl’s hand while she was trying to buy a book from the Saudi pavilion and asked her to add him on Snapchat, before asking her what she would do if he hugged her.

According to official records, the Emirati schoolgirl was visiting the Global Village with her family in April.

When she went to the Saudi pavilion, the Yemeni defendant offered her a novel.

“I was checking the novel when he said that it talks about love. He asked me if I loved anyone. Then he said that he would think about loving someone after he saw me. I returned the book to him, but he held my finger and asked me to add him on Snapchat,” the Emirati girl said in records. She asked him about the price of the book when he asked her what she would do if he hugged her in front of people.

A 26-year-old policeman said that the girl came to the police point in the village to report the incident. The defendant was immediately arrested.

“He was crying asking for forgiveness and admitted that what he did was a mistake. He said that he touched her hand accidently while handing her the book. He admitted to talking about love and that he wanted to know her more,” the policeman said.

The man appeared in the courtroom behind closed doors. The verdict is expected on July 10.