Dubai: A lawyer asked a court to acquit a mother of a bid to kill her two children and attempting suicide.

The 24-year-old Bangladeshi mother claimed that she did not know why she tried to kill her two sons before attempting suicide when she entered a not guilty plea before the Dubai Court of First Instance in a previous hearing.

“The scenario in which prosecutors had described the purported crime to have happened in April 2017 was unreasonable and illogical. My client’s confession is void because most of what she admitted contradicts the evidence and defies the truth,” lawyer Maasouma Al Sayegh of Dar Al Balagh Advocates and Legal Consultants argued in court.

The lawyer further contended that the verbal evidence contradicted the technical evidence, meanwhile prosecutors’ evidence did not substantiate how the incident happened.

The 39-year-old Bangladeshi father found his two sons motionless on their bed, according to records, when he returned home from work, and also found his wife [defendant] motionless on the floor with slits in her wrists.

The father instantly called his brother for help and then his wife and the two children were rushed to hospital.

Swift medical intervention helped save the lives of the woman and her two children.

“Prosecutors failed to take the statement of the suspect’s sister-in-law and did not inquire why did the uncle transfer his nephews to hospital and left the suspect bleeding at home for an hour without taking her along. The mother was said to have suffocated her children with a pillow and doing so does not leave any marks or bruises on a victim’s neck. One of the children had bruises and injuries on his neck, so why didn’t prosecutors try to find out what had caused those marks! Meanwhile the knife with which prosecutors had allegedly accused my client of having used to slit her wrists was not recovered … why was not it found! The knife was not found when crime scene investigators examined the house,” lawyer Al Sayegh argued before presiding judge Habib Awad.

The lawyer further contended that the evidence at the house could have been obliterated since law enforcement officers arrived late to the crime scene [villa house] after things had been cleaned and rearranged.

“Upon cross-examining a police lieutenant in court, he stated that when they reached the house it looked rearranged and cleaned up. The evidence could have been tampered with. The lieutenant also testified that when he asked the father and uncle on why was the place cleaned up, they did not respond. Why would the mother attempt to kill her children with a pillow and herself with a knife! Had she had any intention to kill her children, she could have done it with the knife! There is something shady and irrational in the case,” argued the lawyer.

Al Sayegh defended before presiding judge Awad that the father waived his rights against his wife and mother of two children and that the uncle’s statement contradicted that of the husband.

“We ask the court to dismiss the accusations against my client and acquit her,” she argued before presiding judge Awad. The trial continues.