Dubai: A man accused of assault which led to death had his acquittal verdict upheld by Dubai Court of Appeal on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old Pakistani was accused of assaulting a fellow Pakistani driver of a sewage truck during a heated row near a recycling station in March. Shortly later the victim died of a heart attack and police suspected the fight as being the cause of death after noticing bruises under the victim’s eyes.

Dubai Police’s forensic examiner confirmed that the deceased suffered a heart attack that was triggered by sudden stress.

The court acquitted the defendant citing lack of evidence. This judgement was issued in absentia after he failed to attend trial.

A police corporal told prosecutors that when he went to hospital he found bruises under both eyes of the victim.

“When I asked the victim’s assistant what had caused this, he alleged that the victim had left him for 20 minutes and then called to ask for help.

“The assistant claimed that when he rushed to help the driver, he found him breathing heavily and leaning on a chair. Then witnesses claimed that a fight had occurred between the deceased and the suspect. Upon questioning the latter, he admitted that he had a heated argument with the victim that developed into a fight, however he claimed that it was a minor fight.”