Dubai: A manager groped a house cleaner, whom he had hired on an hourly basis, by touching her inappropriately while she tidied his flat, heard a court on Tuesday.

The Filipina house cleaner was said to have been tasked by her employer [housework company] to go to the flat of the 46-year-old Egyptian manager in March to tidy it up.

When the house cleaner reached the flat, the door was partly open so she entered, according to records, and instantly started working at 2.30pm.

Once she started ironing the clothes, the manager arrived to the flat and then he called her into his bedroom to remove the dust.

Records said when the house cleaner started tidying the room, the 46-year-old man groped her posterior and then removed his hand very quickly.

When she yelled at him and asked him why he groped her, the Egyptian alleged that it happened by mistake and then she left after she got paid.

The Filipina called the police once she reached the building’s entrance.

A police patrol headed to the building and apprehended the manager.

Prosecutors charged the suspect with groping the house cleaner.

According to the accusation sheet, prosecutors said the suspect took advantage of the fact that they were alone in the flat when he groped the Filipina.

The suspect firmly refuted the charge before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

The suspect’s lawyer asked presiding judge Shaikha Hamad to hear the Filipina’s statement when the court reconvenes on July 8.

The house cleaner testified to prosecutors that she started tidying up the flat at 2.30pm and the suspect arrived at the flat at 6pm.

“I was ironing when he called me to his bedroom and asked me to remove some dust that was in front of the bed. While I was cleaning the dust, he groped my private parts and removed his hand very quickly. When I yelled at him, he claimed that he touched me by mistake. Then he offered to pay me money and asked me to not report it to the police … I left him and went to the kitchen, to where he followed me and paid me for cleaning. Once I went down, I called the police,” she claimed to prosecutors.

A police corporal claimed to prosecutors: “When I reached the building, the Filipina was crying. We apprehended the suspect, who claimed during questioning that he mistakenly touched the house cleaner.”