Dubai: An administrator has been accused of breaching the privacy of his former flatmate and secretly filming her naked, a court heard on Monday.

The 24-year-old Filipina was said to have been notified by her countryman friend that the 38-year-old Filipino administrator, with whom she had formerly shared a flat, had filmed her in a bedroom in November.

Disbelieving what she had been told by her friend, the latter showed her a 10-second video on WhatsApp, according to records, in which she was filmed partly naked.

Once the Filipina saw the video, she realised that the man had filmed her in early morning when she was getting ready for work.

The friend told her that the suspect boasted before him that he had filmed her nude in her bedroom, said records.

The Filipina reported the matter to the police and the suspect was arrested.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of breaching the woman’s modesty and privacy and molesting her by secretly filming her. He was additionally charged with misusing the telecommunication system when he filmed the woman.

The suspect pleaded guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

“Yes I made a mistake. I am sorry … please forgive me,” he told presiding judge Urfan Omar in court.

The 24-year-old woman told prosecutors that her friend alerted her about the video in which she had been filmed nude.

“I was at home at Dubai Investment Park when my Filipino friend told me that the suspect had secretly filmed me nude when I was at my previous residence. Initially, I did not believe him until he showed me the clip that the suspect had sent to him on WhatsApp. He secretly filmed me while I was getting dressed after taking a morning shower and getting ready to go to work. From the video content, it was quite obvious that the suspect slid his hand underneath the wooden partition [that we had used to divide the room into two compartments] and made the video. I want him to face a stern punishment because I am afraid that he might use the video against me and upload it on the internet,” she told prosecutors.

The Filipino friend confirmed his countrywoman’s statement.

A ruling in the case will be heard on July 30.